RoboCNC USB Controller

The RoboCNC Optimum BF20L mill that we have been converting to CNC needs a nice controller.
Till now we where only used to drive CNC using the parallel port and Mach3.
For the RoboCNC Optimum BF20L we wanted something new like USB.

RoboCNC BF20L X-Axis

Last but not least the Optimum BF20L X axis conversion to CNC.
The X axis is the one that travels from left to right.. “The table / Bed”
I provide all this information for free so some credits would be great if you use them.

Michael Tyler Designed the ‘Paradise Box’ for Vectric’s monthly free project. All Vectric V-carve or Aspire files can be found online @ A complete guide / tutorial on this project : Instructions Pictures and video beneath show a slightly modified design… Yep it …

PhotoVCarve : Corian® Lithophane tutorial

I have got a lot of requests of showing how to make a Litho using Vectric PhotoVcarve.
This piece of software can do much more then just litho’s and there are more tutorials to come.
Special thanks goes out to the Vectric company for supplying this great software.