A CNC machine consists of a 3, 4 or even more axis.

The Optimum BF20L we are converting has three of them (for now).
On this page you can find the information and drawings we have used to convert these axis to CNC.

You may use all information provided here for free, but also at your own risk.
When using this information, a link or mention back over here would be much appreciated.

If you find any missing parts, dimensions or any other fault in my design please leave a comment.


RoboCNC BF20L X-Axis

Last but not least the Optimum BF20L X axis conversion to CNC. The X axis is the one that travels ...
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RoboCNC BF20L Y-Axis

It’s time for the second axis to show some movement. This time we will start working on the Y axis, ...
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RoboCNC BF20L Z-Axis

First stop ‘The Z-axis”… We bought a Optimum BF20 L as a conventional machine that needs to be converted to ...
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