This new design, a new machine and a completely different concept. The RoboCNC X2 DIY CNC Router build.
In this build we will use more expensive materials, and use CNC machines to build it so keep that in mind.
For now this machine is not (yet) for sale, although we might decide to start selling kits if there is enough interest.

The build is documented on YouTube and all drawings are provided for free.
The drawings are for free for non commercial use only, if you have questions on this please contact me. If you want to build your own CNC Router please follow along on this CNC journey.

The making of, the assembly, drawings and part-list are all shared here.
Questions are possible in the comment section below, but please be informed that all I’m willing to share is already here.

Want to see all the video’s of the RCNCX2 build? Follow this link: The full playlist

Drawings & Part-list under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 :  -Download-

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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  1. Phil Dalgleish Says Beantwoorden

    I watched all your videos on the ROBOCNC and it is really very well done…

    One question…. you talked about finishing the surface on the parts you machined, but didn’t show or describe what you did.

    I like the finish of the parts… Do you have a video of how you finished them? or a description?


    Phil Dalgleish
    Michigan, USA

    • RoboCNC Says Beantwoorden

      Hi Phil,

      I am using the machine as is, with a MDF spoilboard. I have aluminum t-slot table laying around, but i never came to place it 🙂

  2. Huynh Nguyen Thanh Nhan Says Beantwoorden

    I spent around 1 month looking for a good design that I can follow and I found your videos. Very informative, well thought and great guide! Such a valuable source of information. I am building one with the reference of your design. Will be finished soon. Hope it will turn out to be okay.

    I don’t have the access to digital stepper driver in my region so I am trying to make a stall detection using Arduino and sensor.

    Btw, I found on your partlist.xls file that you use 75vdc 5,3A power supply. I understand that you don’t need 8Ax4=32A because you are using micro step but is 5,3A a bit too low since you run 5 motors?

    Thank you for your videos! Im really glad I found it. Hope you have solution for EMC

    Thanh Nhan

    • RoboCNC Says Beantwoorden

      Hi Thanh,

      Thanks for your msg. And good luck, and have fun with the build!

      Digital drives with stall detection is always just an option, but with a strong machine it could prevent trouble.

      Its up to you if you want a bigger power supply and EMC protection for your machine. I have not ones experianced any EMC problem with my setup, nor did i ever had a stalling motor/power problem with my supply voltage/current.

      Good luck ! Robo

  3. Paul Elliott Says Beantwoorden

    Hi Marcel
    Thanks for an excellent series on your CNC Router
    I have downloaded the info but cannot open them
    kind regards

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