This new design, a new machine and a completely different concept. The RoboCNC X2 DIY CNC Router build.
In this build we will use more expensive materials, and use CNC machines to build it so keep that in mind.
For now this machine is not (yet) for sale, although we might decide to start selling kits if there is enough interest.

The build is documented on YouTube and all drawings are provided for free.
The drawings are for free for non commercial use only, if you have questions on this please contact me. If you want to build your own CNC Router please follow along on this CNC journey.

The making of, the assembly, drawings and part-list are all shared here.
Questions are possible in the comment section below, but please be informed that all I’m willing to share is already here.

Want to see all the video’s of the RCNCX2 build? Follow this link: The full playlist

Drawings & Part-list under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 :  -Download-

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


  1. Hürol Says Beantwoorden

    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for this excellent website and sharings. I want to ask that why did you chose worm gear box? Can’t we tie the motor directly to the anti-backlash with a coupler ?

    • Marcel Says Beantwoorden


      Although this set would need to be modified extensively the direct drive on a double pinion would work.
      The reason for the 90 degree bend is to size it down… And the reason you could not drive it directly is that you would need a gearbox to reduce stepper speed and increase torque.
      It can be done though, by using a planetary gearbox for instance, but those are not cheap 🙂
      If the above does not make sense make sure to carefully watch the video where i assemble the units..

      • Hürol Says Beantwoorden

        Thanks for your answer Marcel 🙂

        I have another question. Is there any risk to use two stepper motor in one axis? I heard that stepper motors can jump some steps so i think this can cause horizontal bending in gantry and X axis’s linear guideways. If it is right how did you overcome this problem?

        • Marcel Says Beantwoorden

          Hi Hurol,

          This is a very good question. I will do a somewhat more deep dive in the answer in the next video.
          But yes, having two motors makes the risk for gantry problems something to think about.
          A stepper does not loose ‘some steps’ but when it can not follow it will stall and so we will use a way to detect that and stop the machine.
          Further more you will have to have a routine to square up the gantry when homing the machine.
          Having said this, still it is much much better than using only 1 stepper in the center for instance, since the gantry constantly try’s to bend then.

          • Hürol Says

            Thank you Marcel,

            I am looking forward to wathing your next video then 🙂

      • Jeff Says Beantwoorden


        The pinion backlash belt is a great idea but how do you combat the backlash the worm drive introduces? Is the cost of the worm drive justified compared to a larger stepper/servo motor?

        • Marcel Says Beantwoorden

          Hi Jeff,

          Will you are right that concessions have to be made here and there (thats life 🙂 ).
          The backlash in the wormgear is something that can not completely be reduced to zero, and might change over time..
          For now, this is the ‘reduced backlash’ version (more expensive gearing) and is supposed to be less then 8 arcmin radial backlash over the system.
          For me this seems to be fine in this system, but I have not been able to do extensive testing on this matter.
          Large steppers also have there disadvantage due to there big inertia, and the fact you will have to somehow reduce the RPMs.
          For me this was also because I can mount the motor vertical, otherwise the machine will take a lot more space in Y.
          Hope this helps. Best regards, Marcel

  2. Jan Greeff Says Beantwoorden

    Hi Marcel
    This is what I am looking for . This is an excellent design

  3. Valeriy Khvan Says Beantwoorden

    Hello Marcel,
    I was very impressed watching you build your cnc router on YouTube.
    I do have a cnc router, but watching you Im thinking about building another one ( if I can afford:))

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