1. Azuria Says Beantwoorden

    I hope you can help me…
    I would love to make signs like those up here in Denmark.
    I know, in the US, the use Marsh Ink, which doesn’t soke in the wood and is easy to sand off again to get the black fillings.
    But i can’t fint it.

    What do you use? My process at the moment involves a LOT of sanding and wasting time.

    Kind Regards

    • Robo Says Beantwoorden

      Hi Azuria,

      The signs in this post are not painted by us, but by the customer herself.
      Even though, we do a lot of sign painting and only use normal high quality paints, so indeed a lot of sanding is involved.
      If you want speed, try using a spray paint, but i’m no expert on this, it’s quality that drives me, not speed..
      I love the use of “One shot” enamels btw, but don;t think this will resort your issue..
      Kind regards, from the Netherlands..

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