1. Jeff Kartokario Says Reply

    ziet er goed uit!

  2. LoomisRex Says Reply

    Very nice design 🙂

  3. Frank Sandqvist Says Reply

    Awesome! Those turned out great.Seems like we have quite similar shops 🙂 Me and my brother have http://www.cnc-design.fi and we seem to do quite similar things as you guys at RoboCNC! :DCNC is awesome.

  4. h4z4rd42 Says Reply

    A nice job, as always. Like it, as always.

  5. Narin Thinsith Says Reply

    Absolutely agree with you guys.Same as me…looking forward to see great,nice projects from RoboCNC. Thank you for tips,tricks and tutorials.

  6. Ralf Klaassen Says Reply


  7. Frankmali17 Says Reply

    hello RoboCNC, thank you for your videos,What are those bristles…. I could often use something like that to sand carved, or profiled wood details. are those rubbery?

  8. freejep Says Reply

    hi there…..great videos…..you guys were the inspiration for me to get a new hobby….since getting my mini cnc 6 months ago I certainly haven’t been bored….so cheers guys and keep up the great work…

  9. Jacques Productions Says Reply

    Looking ver good !keep it up buddyJacques

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